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Fireside Lounge


The Smart Way to Get More for Less

How much of your office should be allocated for conference rooms? At Madison Centre, your lease includes a wide range of versatile spaces for meetings, collaboration, and solitary work.


Whether you’re hosting an employee training seminar, a brainstorming session or a major client presentation, Madison Centre offers the perfect venue:


  • The state-of-the-art 5th Avenue Conference Center (with adjoining catering kitchen) allows you to host a variety of meetings and functions onsite for groups from 12 to 130.


  • Elegantly furnished and fully equipped, the Madison Boardroom reflects your commitment to quality — and your guests are sure to enjoy a the birds-eye view of the Madison Rotunda and the gracious exterior deck overlooking the historic Nakamura Courthouse.


Designed for a mobile workforce, Madison Centre also offers a wide variety of alternative working spaces:


  • The Rooftop Terrace features comfortable seating in a beautifully landscaped outdoor space at the top of Madison Centre, with spectacular views of Elliott Bay, Mt. Rainier and Downtown Seattle.


  • The Fireside Lounge offers a warm and intimate setting for conversation or solitary work.


  • The 5th Avenue Study provides a variety of semi-formal teaming areas and individual workspaces in a light-filled room.


  • Casual collaboration areas adjoin the Madison Rotunda


  • The no-cell-phone, no talking, no-noise Library is perfect for quiet, solitary work.


It’s the perfect solution: You can build fewer conference rooms in your suite. And still have more functional meeting space.

The Rotunda

The Library

5th Avenue Conference Center

The Madison Boardroom

5th Avenue Study

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