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State-of-the-Art Design, Materials and Systems

Madison Centre's structure is optimized for performance, from the efficient floor plates to the state-of-the-art building systems.

Work comfortably and cost-effectively.


Madison Centre is designed to work for your business:


  • The automation system is activated with the swipe of an access card. It recognizes individual employees and turns on the appropriate floor’s mechanical system.


  • HVAC units are run by pinpoint digital control, so employees always work in comfort and tenants pay only for the power they consume.​


  • Three efficient rooftop water-cooled chillers located on every other office floor provide up to 41 tons each of cooling capacity per floor


  • Building relief fans on each floor


  • Phased central chillers, sequenced to respond to actual building cooling loads, allow unused capacity to idle until needed, resulting in reduced operating costs.


  • Digital controls to monitor and regulate heating and cooling remotely enable building management to respond quickly to tenants' requests and provide direct access to tenants who want to monitor and control their own HVAC.



Empower your business.


Designed to keep your business up and running, Madison Centre is served by the Seattle City Light self-healing grid, which provides significant robustness and reliability:


  • The building’s main service consists of five 4,000 Amp and one 2,000 Amp 480/277 Volt 3 phase main-distribution panels that provide power to tenant floors via four 4,000 Amp vertical bus ducts.


  • Emergency power is provided by a 2,000 kW emergency generator that feeds all required life safety loads including the full-load capacity of emergency elevators, fire pumps and shaft pressurization fans.


  • Separate power feeders to fire pumps located in the garage are concrete encased for maximum protection and feeders to the upper pumps are routed through the emergency power rooms on each office floor.


Madison Centre offers maximum bandwidth and flexibility, thanks to:


  • Fiber backbone risers with spare vertical conduit pathways for future demand.


  • Service provided by multiple data/com providers, including: Comcast, Century Link and Time Warner.



Secure what matters most.


With full-time concierge services, multiple security cameras, roaming security, floor-by-floor lock off, and building access smart cards, Madison Centre exceeds the safety standards for an urban office tower:


  • The building perimeter, garage and elevators are all protected by the smart cardkey access system.


  • The main security station has a dedicated monitor that controls the building's extensive closed circuit security camera monitoring system.


  • State-of-the art protection systems are designed in accordance with NFPA 13, 2007 and City of Seattle code standards.


  • A standard wet fire sprinkler system offers quick response sprinkler heads.


  • The subterranean parking garage is protected by a dry sprinkler system with standard upright sprinkler heads.


  • The building's back-up water tank provides a second source of onsite water for added fire protection.


  • A smoke control system with pressurized elevator shafts and stairways contains smoke in the affected floors, providing a safe path of egress for building occupants.

Move up with greater efficiency.


Madison Centre offers the most advanced, state-of-the-art, high-speed elevator systems to date in Seattle:


  • Sixteen high-speed office tower elevators are equipped with a destination dispatch system, reducing travel and wait times by 20% or more.


  • The integral security system places the call to your destination with a swipe of a card.


  • Eight-foot tall doors open to a quiet, exquisitely finished interior.


  • Three traction elevators, and a dedicated freight traction elevator, service the subterranean garage through level one of the office tower.​

Let the light and savings in.


At Madison Centre, you'll see and feel the difference the windows make:


  • Double-glazed window system is insulated with high- performance low-E and dual silicone seal with thermally broken aluminum framing systems.


  • The high-performance, clear-vision glass maximizes natural light and office comfort while reducing demands on cooling systems.


  • The rotunda is a point-fixed supported glass wall system designed to maximize natural light and views.

Demonstrate Your Green Commitment.


The building reflects your commitment to the environment, pursuing LEED certification® using the LEED for Core and Shell v2009 rating system. Goals include:


  • Reducing water usage and energy consumption


  • Using sustainable materials


  • Improving indoor air quality


  • Creating a healthier environment through lighting, thermal comfort and acoustics, among others.​

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